The Dreaming Spires PLC
PublishedMarch 25, 2012 CategoryBertie in Business

The Dreaming Spires PLC

Domine illuminatio mea,
Look favourably on this our prayer.

Let these poor souls, in statu pupillari,
Become not too inquisitive nor starry-
Eyed, nor radical, nor witty,
But help them lust for riches in the City;
Wherewith, by covenant or charter,
They may endow their grateful Alma Mater.

Temper their yearnings to be wise
With visionary calls to Enterprise;
And exorcise all ghosts of shame or sin
At ventures of this dubious kind we’re in.

A thousand years on, we commit to Thee
The relaunched Oxford Inc and PLC.
May Academe, old fruitless passions spent,
Embrace this New, Improved Enlightenment;
And may these new-found Customers for Knowledge
Get richer quicker for their Dear Old College!