Welcome to ralphwindle.com
PublishedJuly 11, 2011 Category

Welcome to ralphwindle.com

Hello! I’m Ralph Windle and I’ve been busy since the 1980s, with my ovine alter ego Bertie Ramsbottom, bringing poetry into the alien worlds of business, work and other everyday realities – wrongly assumed by some to be beyond the pale of the creative muse.

In fact, the genre is very much alive and well, grows apace, and you can read the thriving record here. To make it easy for you, the works are grouped in six categories – here’s what they are and briefly what they are about.

The Hidden Dissuaders

The more the media expand, the less we seem to understand. Some new light on why. view ›

Arts Social Action

A live, interactive blog encouraging all in our arts communities to engage more positively in the big issues of a changing world. view ›

Profiles of Our Business Greats

Shining some poetic light on our business Great and Good. view ›

Poems of Engagement

Some rather more personal and reflective poems. view ›

Bertie in Business

Bertie Ramsbottom’s poetic satires, from the books, FT columns and broadcasts which made him Poet Laureate of the Boardroom. view ›

Bertie in Politics

His past and coming poetic musings on the curious rituals by which humans elect their leaders. view ›

Bertie’s Book of Improbable Sheep

Your felicitous muttonings’ as the great Frank Muir christened them, being a wise sheep’s reflections on human frailties. view ›