Who is Ralph Windle?
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Who is Ralph Windle?

Arts/Science Commentator, Former CEO and Oxford Academic, Writer and Poet

Education & Career Development

  • Read Greats (Classics,Philosophy,History) at Oriel College, Oxford
  • Marketing trained with Procter and Gamble. Product Group Manager
  • Became Divisional Chief Executive and Main Board Director of Nabisco UK.
  • Member Nabisco European Management Council
  • Subsequently a Foundation Fellow of Templeton College, Oxford (The Oxford Centre for Management Studies.) Portfolio: International Corporate Strategies
  • Has exercised various Visiting Professor and lecturer/research roles in Europe, South America and the United States; including AGSIM (the American Graduate School of International Management, Arizona); Georgetown University Business School, Washington DC; The International Trade Centre, UNCTAD/GATT, Geneva; Centre for Advanced Technological Studies, Turin; Ecole des Affaires de Paris; Management Centre Europe, Brussels; and others.
  • External Adviser (Advanced Education and EC Policy portfolios) to four successive Directors General of the National Economic Development Office, London; and on projects with the British Association for the Advancement of Science, the European Commission (Competition Directorate), Georgetown Centre for Strategic and International Studies (Washington DC) and the ILO (Geneva).

Writer, Speaker & Presenter

  • Author of past and forthcoming books (below)
  • Creator of Bertie Ramsbottom in the Financial Times, Harvard Business Review, BBC Radio and other media.
  • ‘The Bottom Line’. (Music Settings by Joyce Hope Suskind, New York) – The Savoy (London), Oxford and other locations). Readings: Harvard, Washington DC, New York, Boston and various Oxford/UK locations.

Publications Include

  • ‘Public Enterprise in the EEC’. Six Nation Groundwork Study. Co-ordinator/ Joint editor with Wm Keyser. (Sijhoff and Noordhoff 1978 6 volumes).
  • ‘The Bottom Line’ (Century Hutchinson 1985)
  • ‘Boardroom Ballads’ (Adler and Adler, USA 1986)
  • ‘The Poetry of Business Life’ (Berrett-Koehler, USA 1994)
  • ‘Management Decision’ Poeme Edition 2006.
  • ‘Poetry and the Business Life
  • Online essays and commentary on the Arts/Science Interaction scene (below).

Founder / Director: The Creative Value Network

  • The Creative Value Network provides an information ‘hub’ to help stimulate creative interactions between the Arts, Science, Engineering and Educational communities;
  • Works with professional groups, universities and individuals to initiate cross-disciplinary change and the more inclusive networks to sustain it;
  • Seeks to influence the wider public debate on arts/science inter-dependence, and provide an ‘ideas –exchange’.