Tom Peters
PublishedMarch 14, 2012 CategoryProfiles of our Business Greats

Tom Peters

Our Business Gurus

This is a song to celebrate Gurus.
Not the retiring kind who sit cross-legged among the kookaburrus,
But Gurus of the Business-Con-Fraternity,
Hyping the Hot News on the Corporate Highways to Eternity.

Prophetic pushers of The Panacea
Which every Bain and Booz consultant craved to hear,
As each new Shaman of the Corporate Zen
Reincarnated Arthur Andersen.

Stand by, though, for the new, improved mind-slammer,
The next big Buzz-Wow after Michael Hammer!
Surfing the deep, cool Cyberspace to greet us,
Behold Pre-Emptive-Total-Excellence-Renewal-Systems (PETERS),

Which next should save us from the yawning
Boredom of actually managing and performing.

Apologies to Ogden Nash.

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