Sir Peter Parker
PublishedJuly 11, 2011 CategoryProfiles of our Business Greats

Sir Peter Parker

Sage of Enlightenment

A darkened boardroom: Enter right,
(Seated: the sober-suited bosses)
A human tiger, burning bright,
A jovial corporate Colossus.

Chairman, Renaissance Man, a Sage,
He strides across agendas,
A Gielgud of the Business Stage
To dazzle and extend us.

Mitsubishi, Hamlet, Pan,
All roles within one drama,
For managing needs all the man
To sublimate its karma.

He moves with charismatic ease
From Blake to tough transaction;
Lives out the Unity he sees
Between Man’s Art and Action.

Bestriding both, as others don’t,
This corporate roister-doister
Reveals why lesser chairmen won’t
Make all the world their oyster.

Cheerfully immune to age,
With balance-sheet and sonnet,
He shows how, if the world’s a stage,
Then managers are on it.

Allows no ghetto set apart,
Or up some distant steeple;
It’s work, with literature and art,
Turns turnips into people.

‘Profiles of Our Business Greats’. Sir Peter Parker, MVO.
Read by his actor/son Nathaniel Parker at the St Michaels-in-the-Fields Memorial Service.