Sir Patrick Sheehy, BAT.
PublishedJune 9, 2012 CategoryProfiles of our Business Greats

Sir Patrick Sheehy, BAT.

‘When a felon’s not engaged in his employment…’

When a Chairman makes a million per annum
– one per annum,
Helping half-an-earth to smoke itself to death,
– self to death,
You can understand his knighthood, for to ban ’em
– for to ban ’em,
Might well strangulate our economic breath.
– nomic breath.

Furthermore, if you can offer ’em insurance,
– em insurance,
At a premium that boosts yer Eagle Star,
– Eagle Star,
Then it follers that your corporate allurance,
– rate allurance,
Makes a Government think what a Czar you are.
– Zar you are.

When you’ve spent a whole decade conglomerating,
– glomerating,
Everything from scent to Saks, Fifth Avenue,
– ave a new,
It takes genius to come up later stating
– later stating,
That unbungling it was what you meant to do.
– meant to do.

So it’s obviously quod est demonstrandum,
– dem and strand em,
When constabulary duty’s to be done,
– to be done,
That a Minister can’t pick and choose at random
– chews at randum,
But prefers the business brain of such a one.
– such a one.

What a pity it took all this fuss and puther,
– fuss and puther,
On how coppers tick, and best to catch the lags,
– catch the lags,
To remind ’em, taking one thing with another,
– with another,
A policeman’s lot is not a pack o’ fags.
– pack o’ fags.

Salaams to the great Gilbert and Sullivan

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