Bill Gates
PublishedMarch 13, 2012 CategoryProfiles of our Business Greats

Bill Gates


Shy scion of top-lawyer dad
And eager mum, young Billy had
His over-compensating teens
Pre-programmed deeply in his genes.

Since first he’d set his infant heart on
Software while at Kindergarten,
Bill was rarely at a loss
With BASIC or with MS-DOS.
As  Microsoft’s each-widget-sold
Turned everything he touched to gold.

Yet who could know what hidden care
Would haunt our Web-Club billionaire,
When ceaselessly gazzumping worth
Revealed him Richest Guy on Earth?

What’s left to come, the sober thought is,
For a Midas not yet in his forties?
What higher mountain’s left to climb
For a Croesus peaked before his time?
What might avert the sad prognosis
Of premature apotheosis ?

Yet Bill and Mel, it needs be said
Stood expectations on their head
Embraced a  life-more-worth-the-living,
With much less ‘take’ and lots more ‘giving’.

May others of our Super-Rich,
Likewise discover which is which –
That what they give in Charity’s name
Flows simply back to whence it came.