Cotswold Sheep
PublishedJuly 15, 2012 CategoryBertie’s Book of Improbable Sheep

Cotswold Sheep


Guiting Power, Rissington, Burford and Swell

Are the dreamiest places this near side of Hell.

Richly and greenly their pastures unfold

By indolent streamlets to Stow-on-the-Wold.

On gravelly drive-ways by manicured lawns

Stand polished Mercedes and chauffeur-clean broughams

Idling discreetly for tweed-clad commuters.

The dispossessed yeomen are sounding their hooters

And revving their Hondas towards Bourton-on-Water

Or drowning their sorrows in Chipping and Slaughter.



But Cotswold men may sleep o’ nights while Chancellor sits on wool,

Ten centuries of Cotswold sheep have kept their coffers full,

And sheep of lineage like ours maintain a due decorum,

Munching the languid years away in saecla saeculorum.


( The Bertie Ramsbottom Book of Improbable Sheep )


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