Born Again
PublishedJuly 18, 2012 CategoryBertie in Politics

Born Again

Is there anyone there, said the traveller, beating upon the door;
I speak for a thousand million hungry and sick and poor.
There, in your land of freedom, compassion and concern,
I plead for the distant children with no other place to turn !

There’s nobody here, was the answer – not for a year of so !
There aren’t many votes in compassion; it’s a question of dollars, you know
And it’s not against any religion, to listen and turn you away,
For we’re having a moral revival as the evidence shows every day.

There’s a born-again, Praise the Lord, Christian at every street corner and turn,
And we’ve proved, when it comes to religion, that Jesus had something to learn !
That “loving your enemy” nonsense was simply a childish mistake !
What we need is more nuclear warheads to burn them alive at the stake !
And to say that the poor and the lowly or the meek will inherit the earth
Is hardly a viable concept – the question is, what are they worth?

So we ask you to wait the New Coming in the way we revivalists seek,
When Jesus will stick to religion, and be less of a liberal freak.


( from ‘The Making of a President’)

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