An American Dream
PublishedJuly 18, 2012 CategoryBertie in Politics

An American Dream

To catch the measure of its voice, the cadence of a nation’s song,
Is what the Presidential race is all about, unless I’m wrong.
There is a yearning for a dream, a vision to inspire anew,
For, if there is no living dream, there is no hope to make it true.

I see it in the waiting eyes of those I pass along the way –
A people longing for the kiss that reawakens night to day !
All of the love and strength is there, to move the world and face the task,
Yet all the sleeping giant needs is someone to inspire and ask !

This is the time, and this the hour, that craves the answer to the need;
But where’s the dreamer with the fire to match the vision with the deed?
For who will cut the bigger tax, or who will build the bigger bomb,
Is not what people such as these would wish to base their choice upon;
It’s who will raise their eyes again, beyond the trivial and mean,
And let them live before the world their promised but forgotten dream.



( from ‘The Making of a President’ )

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