A Presidential Campaign Guide to Economics
PublishedJuly 18, 2012 CategoryBertie in Politics

A Presidential Campaign Guide to Economics

What Presidential hopefuls fear,
As fateful Destiny draws near,
Is Wall Street sinking to the deeps
After its catatonic leaps;
A dismal Fed, all moans and groans,
And bankers, pricing up the loans.

For nothing makes a voter cringe,
When traders wake up from a binge,
Like being asked, the morning after,
To fund their pick-me-ups; or, dafter,
Hear candidates programmed to pray
“Give Thanks ! The Market Rules, OK !”

The People’s role, to such Devouts,
Is paying-in, or bailing-out.
For thus ’tis Written in the Stones –
That all the Public ever owns
Are yet more burdens on the taxes,
Whichever campaign wanes or waxes.

Maybe, some voters think, they’re fooling.
Don’t we choose Presidents for Ruling?
Who thinks our main campaign contenders
Are marketeers in red-suspenders?
Who chose this market hocus-pocus?
Who votes for traders or for brokers?



( The Making of a President 1980 )