The Smaller Businessmen
PublishedDecember 2, 2012 CategoryBertie in Business

The Smaller Businessmen

We are the Smaller Businessmen,
(In revenues, not bodies);
The future now belongs to us,
The politicians’ nod is.
We are a million or so,
Awaiting our deployment,
And if we each take on a man,
We’ll beat the unemployment.

We are the Smaller Businessmen,
But wish that we were bigger;
We’re told that Small is Beautiful,
But Big is on the trigger.
And what between the interest
And loans for which we hanker,
I wish our dear old Mums and Dads
Had raised us for a banker.

We are the Smaller Businessmen,
Getting somewhat smaller;
And after tax and V.A.T.
Our creditors grow taller.
We’ve found some customers to buy
On escalating credit,
And so our income only grows
Inversely to our debits.

We are the Smaller Businessmen,
Not taking on much labour;
Unless you count the wife and kids,
And recently the neighbour.
We’ve found the almost perfect way
Of conquering inflation;
For, since we can’t afford to pay
They do it for the Nation.

We are the Smaller Businessmen,
Thinking of expansion;
Yet it seems the only way
Is mortgaging the mansion.
So, with our new collateral,
We’ll back our innovation;
But maybe not get far upon
Our semis by the station.

We are the Smaller Businessmen,
Depleted but defiant;
We don’t suppose we’ll ever be
Conglomerate or giant.
But nothing’s small about the big
Hearts that keep us vying,
And if we never make the grade
It’s not for want of trying.

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