The Bankers (1982)
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The Bankers (1982)

Oh to be in banking
Now that April’s here!
And celebrate a spanking,
Profitable year!
Some prefer to hear a
Cuckoo on the wing,
But oh to be a Clearer
Now that it is Spring!

Better than the crocus
Peeping through the soil;
Richer than the hocus
Pocus with the oil;
Money is the medium
Surer than the rest,
For sweetening the tedium
With the interest!

Other men may hanker
For a bluer sky,
But oh to be a banker
Now the rates are high!
It’s freezing, more’s the pity,
The darling buds of May,
But down here in the City,
It’s roses all the way!

Speak it not in Whitehall,
Tell it not in Gath,
Lest our little windfall
Cause Exchequer wrath!
Tell ’em it’s for gearing,
A little more to lend
But mainly it’s for cheering
Up the dividend!

Oh to be in lending,
Spreading joy around;
When every quid you’re spending
Spawns another pound!
Loans are what we’re here for,
Helping them invest,
Knowing they’ll be back for more
To pay the interest!

Oh to be in Credit,
As the seasons turn,
With other people’s debit,
Filling up the urn!
Never mind the weather,
Banking is the thing;
As long as we’re together,
It’s everlasting Spring!

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