Chips With Everything
PublishedDecember 2, 2012 CategoryBertie in Business

Chips With Everything

Why do they say the way to hell
Is paved with good intentions,
When every business person knows
It’s paved with new inventions?

And three advances, out of four,
These gurus tell us matter,
Are less about producing more
Than processing the data!
So what we make, or what we sell,
And what the banker loans us,
We spend on keeping up with all
The information Joneses!

Now, first we mortgaged half the firm
To buy the big computer,
And stood the business on its head
To pacify and suit her;
But what with systems analysts,
And useless information,
The choice was kill the wretched thing
Or file for liquidation!

So then they said that ‘big’ was out;
The trendy thing that’s in is
To do your own computer thing
With micro-chips and minis;
And status for executives
Is measured by the label
On the Samsung in your pocket
Or the Apple on your table.

Yet still the data mountains grow,
Though now the system varies;
So why is it, the more we know,
The less our market share is?
It’s garbage in and garbage out,
And VDUs compelling
More time to view instead of do
The managing and selling.

So round the integrated circuits,
On the technoholic binge;
Micro-chips for tea and supper,
Chips with nearly everything.
Maybe we should talk a little,
Think, before the system flips;
Look, to try and find the people,
Drowning in the micro-chips.

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