Sir Eddie George
PublishedMarch 13, 2012 CategoryProfiles of our Business Greats

Sir Eddie George

For England and Saint George

I am your very model of a Bank of England Governor,
Inspiring just the right degree of enviable love and awe.
To the hoi polloi I’m ‘Eddie’
But, as Edward the Unready,
Suffered much frustrating waiting from the chap before.

When at last I scooped the pools, they had but little doubt I’d hanker
To be the more teutonic type of Fuhrer Bundesbanker.
Independence I had wanted
Since that late and unLamonted
Chancellor both blew the gaffe and dragged his anchor.

Yet even I could not conceive the blessings my Good Fairy
Would heap upon me courtesy of Messrs Brown and Blairie –
Retinues of Alpha Pluses
Of financial geniuses
To protect me in my fiscal reliquary.

Who said the dear Old Lady of Threadneedle Street is past it?
I’ll make at least a Merry Widow out of her or, blast it,
Only when Sir Eddie’s ready
Will the pound start going steady
With the Euro or, should passion cool, outlast it!

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